Japanese Elementary Lessons singapore | Japanese Lessons Singapore

Japanese Elementary Lessons singapore | Japanese Lessons Singapore

Welcome to Japanese Elementary Lessons singapore! Imagine being able to converse and write in Basic/Survival Japanese! When we learn a language, it’s always best to play safe and use words we have already learned.

Japanese Elementary Lessons singapore

Despite what is commonly believed or what many are led to believe, learning Japanese is not significantly more difficult than learning any other language. As we have learned in our lessons, the word “とても” (totemo) means ‘very’. Naturally, we use the word for every single adjective we know. For example:

この ラーメンは とても おいしいです。
Kono ramen wa totemo oishii desu.
This ramen is very delicious.

しゅくだいは とても むずかしかった。
Shukudai wa totemo muzukashikatta.
The homework was very difficult.

Japanese Elementary Lessons singapore : Where to learn Japanese Lessons in Singapore?

Come learn the Japanese language at our school in Singapore! Japanese language school in Singapore. Learn Japanese in Conversational Classes or start learning Japanese by Japanese … We have a library of very good teaching materials for ourelementary, intermediate and advanced students.

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Japanese Elementary Lessons singapore | Japanese Lessons Singapore

Elementary Lessons for Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Like the English language, there are many ways to express ourselves; there are a variety of words we use instead of the word ‘very’. We’re accustomed to hearing ‘so’, ‘like’, ‘really’ and the list goes on. The Japanese have their own lingo too!

Japanese Elementary Lessons singapore : Elementary 1, 2 and 3

Come join Japanese Elementary Lessons singapore.

PYAESS  was founded in 1988 by Mr Seiichi Haga.    Mr Haga  came to Singapore for the first time in  1975 in a ship called the “Ship for South East Asia Youth Programme (SSEAYP).    He was then an undergraduate of the Tokyo’s Waseda  University, Economics and Politics Faculty.   He returned to Singapore in 1985 and later opened and registered Pyaess with the Ministry of Education in 1988. He named his school “PYAESS”spelt “SSEAYP”backwards.

This japanese language elementary course is designed for people who have no knowledge of the Japanese Language at all.

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